Yesterday was a good day. Tim, Beth, Katie and I went to the UT- Nebraska game in the morning and had an awesome time. Katie and I decided that we should go to more basketball games. I saw Chris (who was wonderful and got me 4 really good (like 8 rows up) seats for free) working with the basketball band, and he smiled at me and waved at Katie, who got really excited. Now she has a crush on Jay Watkins, the head basketball band guy who is married and older. (But who am I to talk?) (No, Chris is not married. or that much older) (Don’t you dare comment, Corey Jo.) 🙂 After the game I went to the music school to practice. and practice and practice and practice. All in all I got about 2 hours of playing in and 3 hours of reed work done. Hooray! I am finally feeling better about school starting Tuesday. I wonder what parts I’ll get in symphony band and U orchestra. I hope I get first, but not on every single piece. It’ll be really nice if Lindsey does UO, so that way we can have a mini-rotation of sorts in there and I won’t have to go to the entire 2 hour rehearsal late every Tuesday and Thursday night. Plus, she’ll make the experience as a whole more bearable- maybe she’ll even play a little English horn? One can only hope.

Today I am going to a friend’s place for a playoff party (GO EAGLES!!)that will last for most of the day. I know that one game starts at 2-ish, and the other around 5, so I will probably not get anything productive done today at all. Except for eating lots of junk food and drinking some beer… does that count as productive? I will, however, go buy my dad a birthday card and figure out whether or not to get an XM radio thing like Chris’ for him for his birthday. I figure it’s just a little more than a hundred bucks, and it would make his drive to McKinney every day easier. But only if he can figure out how to use it. Oh, and Beth, if you’re reading this, don’t forget that Dad’s birthday is January 29th. That’s one week from Thursday, so you should get his card this week. 🙂 Props to you if you already have it done. I’m impressed.

Ok, folks. I’m off to get ready and stuff. I am not sure yet what to wear to this party thing, since I’ll be meeting Chris’ friends for the first time.I’m leaning toward something casual and feminine, but not overtly sexy. Katie helped me pick out a shirt and I’m wearing my skinny jeans which, thank God, finally fit again after my Christmas gluttony. YAY!


5 responses to “

  1. you know zero about christmas gluttony.

  2. you know zero about christmas gluttony.

  3. Your live journal doesn’t like me.

    On another note… Melissa Rorie “GOT ENGAGED!!!!!”

    Wow. Yeah.

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