Good things that happened to me this week:

1. Cleaned the kitchen.
2. Cleaned the washer hoses and tub.
3. Jerry Fallwell died.
4. Skylar, Andy’s cat, slept in my lap while I watched Grey’s Anatomy.
5. Bought a new dress to wear in Paris.
6. Made red velvet brownies.


3 responses to “

  1. sounds like a fun week! I’m really jealous of you, being able to buy a dress to wear in Paris! My boyfriend’s French and I don’t get to do that :/

    Also, I didn’t realize until recently that you and Rami were dating! I don’t know either of you very well, but from what I do know, you two seem really good together! Normally when I find out that people in the music school are dating, I’m happy to find out gossip (I know, it’s sad) but when I found that out, I couldn’t really fathom any gossip bc both of you seem like pretty decent people. That was a long drawn-out compliment if it wasn’t obvious 😉

  2. LOL @ number 3. When I heard he died, I started applauding! Here’s a list of facebook groups that have emerged from this (from someone on my friends page):

    -Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell had a baby and named it Satan
    -Jerry Falwell dies, but Sodomy lives on!
    -Jerry Falwell is dead, I think I’ll have another cookie.
    -Jerry Falwell’s face looks like it’s made of Silly Putty
    -Jerry Falwell’s dead? Now maybe Lynchburg can finally get a Hooters!
    -Jerry Falwell– Gone, Forgotten

  3. They said he died of a heart attack or something.

    I choose to believe he died when a big, rainbow tornado came and dropped a gay bar on him. Then the sparkly drag-elves and lollipop kids came and danced around his body. Judy Garland was there, too, of course.

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