Ahhhh! It’s tonsil surgery day! I am, of course, up too early because I am nervous nervous. Katie will be so tired of feeding me ice cream that she’s leaving Monday. BUT! I will borrow a cat to keep me company after that.

Wish me luck in surgery, peeps!


4 responses to “

  1. good luck!

    Just know that you won’t be sick as much afterwards. .

  2. You are doing amazingly well right now. I can’t believe how easily you bounced back right after the surgery. Let’s hope you do as well all week long!

  3. if you need any company, movies, or cats have Katie call me or email me and we’ll make all your magical cat/neverending story/will&solange fantasies come true.

  4. Hope the recovery is going well!! Are you playing again already?

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