Bitch is back

So last night I went to see Rami play in a crazy polka-opera band, and my friend Amy asked me if I have a blog. I said no, but then I remembered my former life as a super-emo-Livejournal-user and I felt kind of bad for not writing here anymore.

I like being emo, and I really like talking about myself. I especially like having a record of what idiotic and endearing thoughts I had when I was younger. Don’t worry– I fully realize that when I’m 35, I’ll look back at my 24 year-old self as a naive but adorable idiot. That’s part of the charm!

Anyways, I like LJ and all, but I think I’ll explore moving my blog over to blogger or blogspot or some other publisher. This, along with regular updates, should go a long way to making my lunch hour more enjoyable. Stay tuned.


3 responses to “Bitch is back

  1. we’ve missed you here in LJ land! (although I need to update a bit more myself. . .) You weren’t all *that* emo 😉

  2. Yay!

    So glad that you’re writing and thinking about moving to blogger or one of the like. If/when you do that, I can totally link you up to mine and then we can be Blog BFFs.


  3. OK. You are officially added to my blogroll. Yay!

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