Playing make believe

Recently I read all nine books that comprise Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mystery series. You know, the books that the show True Blood is based on. These books are killer (heh) summer reading, with juicy plots, hilarious characters, and lots of drama. Plus, they have vampire sex, so that’s a bonus. Anyways, I read all nine books in a span of about two weeks and now that I’m finished, I am going through some serious withdrawal.

I can’t get Sookie Stackhouse or her various supernatural lovers out of my head. Watching True Blood has helped tide me over a little bit; I have been to three different Blockbuster locations in the past week trying to get the DVDs in sequential order. (I know, Netflix is better blah blah blah.) The show does a terrific job of bringing the books to life, and my imagination has run wild with casting ideas for some of the later books in the series:

For example, wouldn’t Taye Diggs be perfect as Quinn?


I imagine Katee Sackhoff as Sookie’s roommate, Amelia. She is the perfect mix of strong and silly and scary. Plus, I would love to see Katee Sackhoff on television as much as possible. Plus, in one of the books, Amelia dates Pam the vampire. And since I know the casting director for True Blood is reading my blog, it’s only appropriate that I put in my two cents.

Katee Sackhoff

Who better to play Sookie’s fairy Godmother Claudine than Project Runway star Laura Bennett?

Laura Bennett

Debbie Pelt, who is introduced in book 3, is a crazy bitch. It only makes sense to cast Luciana Carro (who played that crazy bitch Kat from Batttlestar Galactica) in that role.

Luciana Carro

Am I the only person who does this when I read? Who do you imagine in your favorite fictional roles?


One response to “Playing make believe

  1. While I haven’t gotten that far in the first book yet (which means I haven’t really gotten to these characters yet), I still liked seeing your suggestions for future casting.
    I especially enjoyed your recommendation of Laura from Project Runway. It made me laugh so hard that I spit out pieces of my chocolate chip cookie onto my keyboard. Now I need to go buy one of those little air-blower-thingies to clean it, and also the next book in the series.

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