Victory! Hair!

So yesterday was pretty much the best day I’ve had in a long time. After work I went to get my hair cut. I go to Larin at Keith Christopher Salon in southwest Austin. I love Keith Christopher. They give me free Diet Coke. They email my appointment confirmation instead of calling me at work. They have RealSimple magazine. Plus, Larin makes my hair look awesome. Check out the before and after:

This is before picture no. 1, taken about 18 months ago
Cute, but kind of a weird color and shapeless.

Next is before picture no. 2, taken in San Diego about a year ago.

Another before picture, this time while growing out bangs.

In the picture above, I was growing out my bangs. Lo, my color was sad and lost. My ends were split and my hair looked sad and floppy. But hark! There was hope! I ditched my old stylist. By sheer luck, I happened to walk into Keith Christopher and Larin was there. Look at this after picture!


I have shiny hair with a definite shape and style. I have also been introduced to the wondrous world of Kerastase styling products. Thanks, Larin!! (Disclaimer: It doesn’t hurt that I am wearing my favorite shoes in the whole world in this picture. The arm candy helps, too.)


See how much better growing out your bangs can look?? This photo was taken about a week after the one above. I can now style the same haircut several different ways. Fun!


2 responses to “Victory! Hair!

  1. I can completely relate! When my old, fabulous stylist moved to Houston, I was so lost and in denial and almost didn’t go to my current, fabulous stylist, just because he was Nathan’s stylist. Thank God I did because now I’m no longer the sad, perpetual ponytail girl. (Or, if I really wanted to wear a ponytail now, I would at least get a mini-bumpit.)

  2. Rami El-Farrah

    It is fabulous hair! I’m glad you have such a great stylist. 🙂

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