to-do list

There’s an Urban Outfitters store near my job. I don’t really like to buy clothes there, but their book selection is always fun to browse. The store is also about a mile walk from my desk, so I really like to stop by on my lunch break when it’s not 103 degrees outside. (That means late November through March here in Texas.) Last time I was there I bought the book, to-do list by Sasha Cagen.

To Do List

The book is a compilation of random, anonymous lists that were submitted to the author. It has pictures of actual people’s grocery lists, lists of life goals, lists of ex-lovers, lists of favorite songs, and lots of other kinds of lists. The book is actually just a gussied up paper version of Cagen’s blog by the same title.

Besides the voyeuristic satisfaction I get from snooping through people’s vacation packing lists and new year’s resolutions, I love the DIY ideas Cagen presents throughout the text. Listmaking ideas such as:

  • Hobbies I’d like to take up
  • Ten things I like about myself
  • Things I should stop beating myself up about

None of these are exactly rocket science, but there’s something very satisfying about writing out a list. It makes your ideas tangible and definite. Like you have really committed to them. Anyways, look for some posts inpired by to-do list a little later in the week.


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