Wish List: Bed

I have been thinking a lot about how I will decorate my apartment when I move in September. I get a little overwhelmed if I think about the whole thing at once, so usually I imagine one little piece of it at a time. Today I thought about what I’d like my bed to look like.

Let’s start with the Malm wall-mounted headboard from Ikea.

Malm Headboard

I already own a wonderful mattress and box spring that I love, and I think this inexpensive headboard would help dress up my sleeping area without adding too much bulk to the room. The dark veneer finish would go perfectly with the Amy Butler Bucharest Sheet Set and  Bucharest Tailored Bedskirt that I love, and anchor the  LifeModern Rise + Shine Duvet Set in the room.

I know from past apartments that it can be risky to put a white duvet in a bedroom with white walls and beige carpet, but I think the grey sheets and dark headboard would help balance things out.  An Arstid wall lamp from Ikea mounted on either side of the headboard would look just swell, too.

Amy Butler Bucharest Sheet Set lamp

Amy Butler Bucharest Bedskirt RiseShine White Duvet

The only issue with the duvet cover is that it’s manufactured by an artist in Australia and it costs $400. Details, details. The more I think I about it, I could probably get away with purchasing a cheap white duvet cover from overstock.com and using an iron on transfer and fabric paint to create my own similar design.

No woman’s bed is complete without throw pillows and a few stuffed animals. Enter etsy.com, your source for quirky, adorable handmade goods! Check these out from milkandcookiesCanada’s store:

Pillow 1GilesPillow 2AliensPillow 3pelican pillow

Oh, and don’t mind Giles and Slater&Sladen. They’re the lil’ aliens I’ve been looking to adopt from Lindsey Banker’s adoptanalien shop.


One response to “Wish List: Bed

  1. Those stuffed animals are interesting… I do like all the other stuff you picked out. You have a good eye for decorating.

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