gud resolooshuns an goles

My friend Lauren started a blog this week. In celebration of making a new blog friend (she was already my in-person friend), I’m going to steal her idea for a post: 5 resolutions I have for the upcoming school year.

5. Be more affectionate with family, friends and boyfriend. Sometimes I have a hard time calling my friends and making plans. I’d like to get over this once and for all and hang out more with people I like. It’s hard for me to remember that relationships need nurturing, and sometimes that means picking up the phone and calling someone just to say hello.

4. Continue blogging and taking pictures. I enjoy both of these activities, so this one should be a no brainer. But I  struggle to choose meditative, meaningful activities over the drivel on TV. Speaking of which, I’d like to…

3. Watch less television. Really. Seriously. I resolve to break up with Bravo’s Housewives, America’s Next Top Model, non-Cowboys pro-football, and Family Guy. It’s been real, y’all, but I’ve got to get a life. And more natural sunlight.

2. Eat better food. I have been making a lot of progress towards this resolution already. I want to build on that success by eating fewer breakfast tacos, limiting alcohol to once or twice a week, and cooking meals for myself at home instead of eating fast food.

1. Move around more. Success in this department involves effort towards goals 5, 4, 3, and 2. I have never been a gym rat, but I do feel good when I spend a little time each day moving around. Taking pictures out and about, getting active with friends, spending less time with the TV, and eating healthy food are  all steps towards getting more exercise.

Looking back at my blog, these are very similar to the resolutions I have had for every birthday and New Year for the past four years. Everyone’s a work in progress, I suppose, or a hamster on a wheel.


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