Music Monday- singing edition

There are certain situations– high school, church, and family reunions, for example– where it sucks to be different from everyone else.  A lot of times I get uncomfortable in situations like those because I have trouble fitting in.

Next time I am in situations like those, I will think of Imogen Heap, and how she is powerful in her weirdness, and how she wears a bird’s nest with a flower in her hair, and how she can look chaste wearing a jumper with no sides.  Plus, who else is making music like this on mainstream television? This is a live performance in which Imogen Heap kicks ass with  a freaking Judy Jetson soundboard and a Yamaha acoustic piano. Unbelievable.

While we’re paying tribute to incredible, one-of-a-kind musicians, please let me introduce you to Philippe Jarousky.  He is one of my favorite singers in the world. In the video below, he is performing with a woman. Can you tell which voice is a man’s and which is a woman’s?

Hint: his is the slightly richer sounding voice which enters second. Remember the sound of Philippe’s voice next time you feel self conscious because you are different from other people.  Then be thankful for the gifts you have, get over yourself, and sing your heart out. Like so:


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