UT’s school year is in its second week, which means work is bat shit crazy right now.  I spent about 7 hours of my day in meetings today, so the verbal part of my brain is plum tuckered out.  I think I have done enough talking for the day, so today’s update is coming to you in simple, unembellished list format.

Topic: 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 years old.

  1. Give $1,000 in a lump sum to a charity of my choice.
  2. Visit the Pacific Northwest.
  3. Roller skate.
  4. Finish my MBA.
  5. Learn how to bake cheesecake in a springform pan.
  6. Write a research paper of some kind & publish it.
  7. Go fishing with my dad.
  8. Bait my own hook.
  9. Get a dog from Paws in Prison.
  10. Spend a few weeks in New York City.
  11. See the sun rise on a beach I’ve never seen before.
  12. Make almond butter toffee.
  13. Meet Rami’s dad.
  14. Run a 5K.
  15. Eat at Tru in Chicago again.
  16. Create a painting or other piece of visual art.
  17. Watch AFI’s top 100 films.
  18. Figure out how to wear a belt on the outside of my clothes. (Not in the belt loops.)
  19. Write some poetry.
  20. Host a themed cocktail or dinner party
  21. Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  22. Play my oboe again.
  23. Get drunk on champagne on New Year’s Eve.
  24. Invest 10 % of my salary in my retirement account & other savings.
  25. Take a vacation by myself.
  26. Meet my neighbors.
  27. Collect a few nice pieces of vintage jewelry and wear them regularly.
  28. Bake and frost a layer cake.
  29. Hug my grandparents.
  30. Find a shade of lipstick that I like to wear.

5 responses to “30×30

  1. Oh wow, we’re writing about the same thing today! How old are you now?

  2. Truly wonderful list!
    Here’s what I’m thinking:
    5. I’ve successfully baked a cheesecake in a springform pan, so I might be able to help out with this. But it was only once, back in high school, from a recipe I translated from German for extra credit in my German class. I say all this not to toot my own horn, but just to prove that it might have been a fluke.

    16. The art that Nathan and I have made for our place is always really like concept art more than legitimate art, but JENNY can totally help you make real art if you ask her nicely.

    18. I’ve noticed several of my friends pulling off the whole belt-outside-the-clothes look and I think it’s really possible. You can so do it! (I feel that I can do it, too, only I would feel better about the whole thing if I lose a little weight first.)

    20. Please host a themed cocktail or dinner party! I believe that it would be absolutely fabulous. Even if it’s one of those cheesy murder mystery dinners–although your ideas will be far and away better than that, I have no doubt.

    23. Getting drunk on champagne (especially if you get drunk gradually over several hours) is completely wonderful. I think champagne is magical and what better time to celebrate than New Years?

  3. Okay, you can totally bake a cheesecake in a springform pan. Watch the Alton Brown cheesecake episode–he can give you the secrets to making it crack free, cause crack kills.

    I bought a belt, wore and hopefully successfully pulled off my first belt outside the clothes ensemble this past weekend in Madrid. It can be done!

  4. Amy and kd, you guys are so encouraging. I am going to attempt the cheesecake for Thanksgiving, I think. KD, please put a picture of your belt-outside-clothes-ensemble on your blog! I want to see!

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