Da Boys, part 1

Yesterday I was reading the internet and I saw that the Dallas Cowboys are worth $1.65 billion, more than any other U.S. sports team.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has ever been to a Cowboys game and it certainly didn’t surprise me.

Last month I went with my friend Katie and her parents to the first Cowboys game in the new stadium. The stadium cost $1.15 billion to build and was financed with an increase in sales and hospitality taxes in Arlington, Texas, and over $933 billion in bonds from the city.

Cowboys StadiumAt least it’s pretty.  It is the largest domed stadium in the world, nicknamed Jerryland, (for Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys), and pimped out in every way possible.  Do you see the large, semi-full parking lot behind me? Spots there are only open to season ticket holders and start at $65 per game.

Jerry martThis new Super Wal-mart is directly across the street from the stadium. I think it cost $65 to park in their lot, too.

JerryjohnNot sure how much is cost to use this licensed, Cowboys port-a-potty.  I didn’t ask.

More crazy commercialism and some pictures inside the stadium coming soon… I have to go get ready for work.


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