Da Boys, part 2

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Cowboys Stadium is gorgeous.

Angles and shadows

The game started at 7:00 PM, so the light played off the building beautifully as we were walking into the stadium.  I’m sure Jerry Jones signed some kind of contract with Jesus to make sure the sky wasn’t overcast that night.

JerryvatorsThis is the inside of entrance “G.”  Jerry Jones hired an artist to paint  large, colorful murals inside the open areas of the stadium.  I was shocked that these murals did not feature any product placement– they seem to serve aesthetic purposes only.  Note the three-story double escalators that take plebians up to the top levels of the stadium.

JerryworldOnce you take the escalator up to your level, you walk through a large concession stand area to get to your seat.  Look at how shiny the floors are! Also note the signage along the back wall of the concession area.  Every one of those are flat screen LCD televisions. Even the advertising on the interior of the stadium is on televisions.

UT Arlington in Cowboys stadiumWho is the wealthy alumni who paid for these UT Arlington advertisements, I wonder?

Pictures of Katie and me plus the playing field coming soon. It’s time for dinner and college football now.


One response to “Da Boys, part 2

  1. My dad layed the tile in the stadium! I feel almost famous!

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