Da Boys, part 3

Our seats for the game were in the top section of the stadium.  Eight rows from the top of the stadium, to be exact.  Even from the cheap seats, the view of the field is unobstructed.  It’s easy to watch the game on the ginormo-tron (bigass television suspended from the ceiling).

Hook 'em Cowboys!This is me during pre-game. I am hooking ’em in support of all the Longhorns playing in the game. For the Cowboys, wide receiver Roy Williams and guard Leonard David.  For the Titans, safety Michael Griffin, fullback Ahmard Hall, super pimp tight end Bo Scaife, and QB Vince Young.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders crotch lineWe saw the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform their world famous crotch line kick line before the show.

National AnthemThe American Airlines Dallas Cowboys National Anthem (seriously, Jerry Jones sold the naming rights to the national anthem) was sung trumpeted by athem singer trumpeter Adam Rapa. Just for the record, they spelled this guy’s name wrong and called him a singer.  Way to go, Jerry Jones.  I blame you personally.

bored but cute

By the third quarter of the game Katie and I were bored so we started taking pictures of each other.  (It was a preseason game so most of the starters were off the field by then.)  Notice that I was able to wear a sweater in the comfy air-conditioning of the Cowboys Stadium.  Notice also that I did not wear an oversized Cowboys jersey and skanky cut-off shorts to the game.  No cowboy boots, either.  I chose a team-neutral sundress I found on sale for $7 at Ross.

This eyeball brought to you courtesy Jerry JonesBefore the game, Katie and I spent about an hour playing make-up inside a Merle Norman near the stadium.  We were able to park for free at that strip mall if we spent $40 there, so I splurged on some tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara.  I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but the lady at Merle Norman did my eye makeup in fuschia and seafoam to match my $7 Ross sundress.  The whole effect was unbelievably tasteful, considering.  I have not been able to replicate it at home.

$15 hotdog and beerDuring the fourth quarter I went to get a hot dog and beer.  It felt good knowing that my hotdog cost $8, and a percentage of the taxes actually went towards paying for the stadium.  The beer was in a plastic bottle and cost $8 too.

Happy family!We had a great time at the game and a nice man took our picture before we left. The Cowboys won, too. All in all a good night.

The End.

2 responses to “Da Boys, part 3

  1. YAY! Thanks!

  2. It looks like you had a great time there Kathryn. We’ll have to go there some time!

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