Moving thoughts

Tomorrow is the big moving day!  I am feeling very prepared: I rented the truck, the appliance dolley, a few dozen furniture blankets, and two burly men.

I wasn’t planning to hire help for my move, but I found some inexpensive, convenient movers from the website and decided at the last minute to splurge.  Apparently this website partners with Uhaul (brilliant!) to offer folks who reserve a truck online the option of purchasing moving help.  The quote for movers was unbelievably cheap–only $130 for two guys for two hours–so I am psyched.

The forecast for tomorrow calls for rain, but we are going to muscle through it and get this b**tch done by noon.

Then we are going to go eat barbecue at Rudy’s and watch the Texas game at Beth and Andy’s house at 2:30.   I am planning to use the game time to tackle the gargantuan pile of laundry that’s growing in my bathroom.  I hate to move dirty clothes, especially a nasty, huge pile of dirty clothes, to my new place.

Bonus points: I packed up my dresser this evening and moved all the contents of the drawers to my apartment already. Bummer: that means all my clean underwear and my deodorant are at my apartment already.  Whoopsy.

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