Moving Success!

Best things about moving to my new apartment

1. The hired movers carried everything heavy up the stairs. No damage to anything. Total moving time from storage unit to apartment was about three hours.

2. It rained all day, but my carpet still looks new thanks to the awesome adhesive carpet protector for sale at UHaul.   I will probably purchase the carpet protector for the next move even if it’s not raining. Good thinking, Andy!

3. Rami, Beth, and Andy were great helpers.

4. We ate Rudy’s Barbecue all together for lunch after the heavy lifting was done. Creamed corn and extra moist brisket, how I love thee.

5. The ceiling fan in my new bedroom is really strong, allowing for maximum snugglage on my wonderful, pillowtop, full size bed.

6. I am currently blogging using a free internet signal.  The connection is a little spotty, but I am so relieved to have some internet access until I spend the big bucks for RoadRunner.

7. Chloe (my cat) made the move A-OK.  She was really angry during the car ride and subsequent minutes in her carrier, but then I fed her some canned cat food and it was like nothing happened. Now she’s asleep in the living room, purring.

8. All the boxes and furniture that were in storage are in great shape.  A little dusty, but no moisture damage and no creepy crawlies.  This is a huge relief since I did not visit the storage unit once during the 18 months I lived with Beth and Andy.

9. I have a kitchen! and a living room! and my own bathroom!

10. I can walk to Sun Harvest to buy groceries tomorrow.  Or, if I haven’t unpacked my kitchen by then, I can walk to Starbucks for breakfast, Jimmie John’s for lunch and Zen for dinner.


2 responses to “Moving Success!

  1. Congrats!!!!! Your move sounds lovely!!! Our move was quite successful as well as the only hitch we had was that our deep fryer, I mistakenly packed it WITH some oil in it and it spilled out on some things but nothing was ruined. It just took some shout and febreeze to clear up the situation! Enjoy getting your new place organized!

  2. Yay for Kathryn’s new apt! I’m so excited for you— AND your apt!

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