Wall Street Wonderful (posted from stolen internet!)

Well, my luck with the free internet connection at my apartment ran out, so this is going to be short. I am blogging from outside a coffeeshop near my house which is currently closed. Luckily they leave their wifi connection up after hours, so I can sit in the dark at their patio table and do homework, check email., etc.  It is a little creepy, but free is free, dangit.

My current MBA course is Managerial Economics and I really dig the topics we discuss.  One of my assignments for this week was to find an article, blog post, or some other media that relates to a topic in the class and discuss it on our message board.  I found this little gem from the Wall Street Journal:

As Champagne Fizzles, Makers Squash Production

Did you catch both booze puns in the article’s title? Even if the story had nothing to do with economics I would have used it for my homework just so I could post that headline.  Luckily, the article explains some supply and demand concepts, demonstrates sunk costs, and relates intimately to this week’s class topic of extent decisions. Wall Street Journal, how I heart thee. You make my homework easy, punny, and interesting.

Plus, now I can be on the lookout for some bargain-basement-priced champagne this year.  No way a 40% cut in production is going to offset this crappy economy’s effects on demand. Cheers!


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