Bless me!

Today my allergies are awful.  My face is itchy and my nose is dripping steadily and I really want to go home and lie in bed. I took all my medicines this morning, but the sneezing persists. Plus, I feel like I am getting a canker sore. And I didn’t really sleep well last night. Also, I am in a bad mood because the washer connections in my apartment leak. Rami was very kind and hooked up my washer and dryer last night. But instead of doing my inaugural load of laundry afterwards, we ended up trying to fix two very leaky old faucets that connect to the washer. I called the apartment’s emergency maintenance man and he is supposed to come this morning to take care of the leaks.

I have two pair of clean underwear left, so they’d better have it fixed by this weekend.

In order to balance the general malaise I am feeling, I think I should focus on something positive. Here are 10 positive things going on with me right now:

10. I got a new brush and as a resulft my hair is drying faster and with more volume.
9. Rami took me to dinner at III Forks last night to celebrate our monthiversary.
8. My mom is coming to visit me this weekend.
7. She will probably take me shopping at either IKEA or HEB.
6. I made a delicious pasta salad this week in my new kitchen.
5. Nathan (my work buddy) and I just finished a really fun photo shoot for UT’s saxophone choir.
4. It is currently September, my second favorite month of the year.
3. There are fresh blueberries and raspberries waiting for me in my fridge when I get home.
2. By this time next year, I won’t remember that I had allergies today or that my washer is messed up.
1. I ate pancakes for lunch.


One response to “Bless me!

  1. I thought my husband and I were like, the only ones who celebrated monthaversaries! Congrats!

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