My washer connections are fixed! I have clean underwear and towels! It’s pretty lucky that the washer is working because my cat Chloe spent most of last night barfing on various areas of my living room. Cat barf is so gross. I was going to do a whole post today devoted to cheese grits, but after cleaning up 12,391 little piles of cat barf this morning, I just don’t have the stomach for it.

Instead, let’s talk about the awesome weekend I’m going to have. As I mentioned yesterday, my mom is coming in town. Our agenda currently consists of having breakfast tacos with the family on Saturday morning and then shopping at IKEA. Bad. Ass.

Mom has never been to IKEA, so I am super excited to take here there. Remember the first time you saw the wonderment of $12 lamps and $5 rugs that are ADORABLE???

Lest we get overwhelmed basking in the wonderment of it all, I have some parameters for the shopping to keep us on track. First, my apartment’s color scheme is

  • taupe gray (non-negotiable, since the walls are all painted gray)
  • bright white
  • tangerine
  • eggplant
  • citron
  • lemon

taupe grayWhiteTangerineEggplantMPC0004200-2Lemon

I resolve to only purchase goodies in the above colors or complimentary to the above colors. I also resolve to purchase goodies from the following list of want items:

  • new comforter for my bed
  • linens for the bathroom,
  • new lampshade for my bedroom
  • bathroom rug(s)
  • kitchen rug(s)
  • 2 large throw pillows for couch
  • 20×20 pillow for bed
  • waste can for bathroom
  • something to help organize purses in my closet (they are taking over!!!)
  • shoe organizer for closet
  • ice cube trays

Yipppppeeeeee! It’s Friday, yall!


2 responses to “Blessed!

  1. You know what’s cool about Ikea? You can go to one in Germany and feel perfectly ok with everything being in Deutsch b/c it’s the exact same!

    We got some ice cube trays at Ikea during the summer. They’re all in these adorable shapes like stars and puzzle pieces!

  2. Yay for Ikea. We love!!!! When they built one near us, it definitely went on the list of reasons to love Austin.

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