On the mend

Chloe Baloney

Chloe is feeling much better since her stay in the hospital. She is a little embarrassed of her naked left forearm, you can tell by her expression when I took this picture last night. I promised her the hair would grow back faster if she would quit licking it.

BFF Snail

The doctor told me I should encourage Chloe to rest, so I made her a little get-well bed on the couch. Her snail friend is there to keep her company.


They have been hanging out since she got home around midnight on Saturday night. You can tell from the background of the above pictures that absolutely zero unpacking got done this weekend, and my living room has descended into a complete stage of chaos since I had to move all the boxes and furniture around to find and clean up all the cat barf. This doesn’t seem to bother Chloe at all.

New bed!

When she wants things to be more orderly she goes in my room, which is beautiful and a little more unpacked than the living room. She loves laying on the new bedding I got at IKEA this weekend. Notice the orange, eggplant, lime, and citron from my color scheme! The walls really are that dark, and the room is large, so the neon bedspread is not overwhelming in the least. Plus, who knew that neon pink and orange hide white cat hair?


3 responses to “On the mend

  1. I’m so happy that she’s feeling better! I’ll keep sending her positive kitty vibes.

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