Are You There, Blog? It’s me, Kathryn

Hi, blog. I haven’t been ignoring you, I promise. It’s just that work is really busy right now and I don’t have internet at home so I’m having a hard time updating lately. Well, that, and I have spent the last three days writing a post about bacon wrapped dates. There are even pictures!

What? Why isn’t that post up yet? Well, it’s funny you should ask.

I keep working on it during my lunch break and then students/colleagues/aliens come by my office and attack me with drive-by meetings.  It’s true.

Oh, blog, I wish that I could spend my full lunch hour telling you about bacon wrapped dates, but it’s just not going to happen this week.

Dear blog, Forgive me for my meetings, And forgive those who have meeted against me. Lead me not into procrastination and deliver me from evils.


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