This has been a hard week.

Monday morning I was driving to work and I got in a car wreck.  I was driving southbound on North Lamar boulevard in the left-hand lane when I saw a grey Honda Civic making a wide right turn out of the McDonald’s parking lot. The driver was fiddling with something in one of his hands, maybe a phone?

I honked and thought, “Hot damn, he’s going to hit me.” And then he did.

Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic in the other lanes on the street so I was able to avoid a lot of the impact. (It was a sideswipe accident instead of a T-bone.) His car sideswiped my beetle pretty good, and he scraped a big dent from my passenger door to my  rear side bumper. He also dented the panel below the door, and killed my rear passenger hubcap.

It could have been much worse. My airbag did not deploy and neither one of us were injured.  I didn’t even cry at the scene.  He had insurance, too, so I am really relieved about that.

I took Beatrice in to the body shop this morning so that Geico could assess the damage from the accident.  The adjuster told me the repairs will run about $4,000 (thank goodness the other driver has insurance and the accident was his fault!!!) and I should have my car back some time next week. Blerg.

Until then, I’ll be driving a red Chevy Cobalt I’ve decided to name Colby.  The first thing I thought of when I got in that car was this cheesy rapper named Colby O’Donis:

I hate that f-ing car and I want this week to be over already so I can get my Beatrice back.


2 responses to “Wrecked

  1. I had numerous wrecks when D was in Iraq last time and I always got stuck with the shittiest rentals. They have a distinct smell…like someone smoked in it and then they covered it up with those crappy pine tree air fresheners. I hate rentals. VWs rule. I hope you get Beatrice back soon so you can dump stupid Colby and his red Chevy-ness.

    Go to Hey Cupcake and have a cuppycake for me!

  2. Aw! Poor Beatrice! Sounds like you handled it very well… I hope you get her back soon!

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