Si, se puede!

I have goosebumps, y’all. I’m at the airport eating some breakfast tacos and I just saw on Twitter/Facebook that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. This is such exciting news, and I can’t help but get a little emotional.

I am so proud of our presidents, of our country, and of my generation.  After hearing for the past decade about what losers gens X and Y are, about how we don’t show up and vote, about how we’re apathetic, finally, we united and made a difference.

I was proud last year when  we got together and helped elect Obama president, but this is just one contribution by young Americans.  Gen X and Y-ers innovated internet search and social media tools, empowering millions of people worldwide to express themselves and find information that they never could have before.  Remember the election in Iran earlier this year? Because of my generation, thousands of Iranian citizens could share their plight and make some slow progress against their tyranical government.  The legacy of these efforts on Iran and its people will be prfound.  I am proud of this.

I am proud that Obama’s message of hope is getting some recognition internationally.  This president face so many heavy burdens; he’s got a lot of  American shit to clean up, including two big piles in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I am hopeful that this Nobel Prize will help bring some momentum towards lasting peace in those areas.

I also hope it brings momentum towards peace here at home. It has been difficult to watch our government mire in the debate over health care these past months, but I believe that this dialogue is important, and that if our leaders can find some common ground, we will emerge a better country with healthier citizens.  Hopefully we can work together towards this end.

Today is a day to celebrate, to reflect on what we can do to support peace in our lives.  I am headed to Chicago for the weekend, and I can’t wait to get there and join the celebration of Obama’s recognition.  I said it during the election, and I say it today: yes, we can make the world a better place.  Si, se puede!


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