Niecefurs and Nephfurs

My sister and her husband have three charming furkids:






And last but not least, Spirit.

Spirit is spending several days with me as Beth and Andy are on vacation. This week she gets to do fun Aunt Kathryn stuff like riding in the car, going potty in the middle of the apartment parking lot, and sneaking cat food when Chloe isn’t looking. I have been trying to teach her some new commands, and she has learned to shake her booty when I say, “shimmy!” (So far this has only worked immediately after a bath, but we are working on the shimmy when she’s dry.)

One not so fun thing: Spirit’s skin allergies were acting up when she was at the vet’s for the weekend. He gave her a shot of cortisone (a steroid to help with that) this afternoon about 30 minutes before I picked her up.  Apparently this medicine makes her drink and pee a lot more than usual, and sure enough, she has been going to the potty every three hours!

I really can’t afford to take a sick day to stay home with her tomorrow, and I don’t want to leave Spirit crated alone at my apartment for an eight-hour work day.  She would probably wet herself twice during that time.  At this point, I think the best solution is to take her to work with me.  My office is secluded enough that if I work with the door shut, we might be able to make it through the day.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us tomorrow! I’ll let you know how it goes…

One response to “Niecefurs and Nephfurs

  1. Beth (aka Spirit's Mom)

    Thank you so much for taking good care of our animals and for hanging in there with Spirit and her allergies!! I was super glad to read this post and know that (mostly) everything is going well. We are in Sorrento and miss everyone at home!!

    Much love,

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