Spates of Plates

For my birthday, Rami got me the sweetest vintage plate.  Some of you may not think that a plate is the most romantic birthday gift, but let me tell you, I am over the moon about my plate.  It is lovely, black and white, and I happen to know it cost a pretty penny at one of the swanky antique stores on South Congress here in Austin.

Rami's plate

I had seen it when we were out shopping with friends about a month before my birthday.  I fawned all over it in the store. But I didn’t want to splurge on a plate– it just wasn’t practical, no matter how lovely the plate.  Luckily, Rami made a mental note and went back the next day and bought it for me.  Here’s another picture:

Rami's plate 2

So ever since my birthday I’ve been a little obsessed with plates.  I have a big blank wall in my dining room, just begging for a slew of chic vintage plates to swank it up a bit.  Here are some wonderful treasures I’ve found on the internet.


1. Hand painted snail plate by JessicaDawnWarren on Etsy, 6 in., $18
2. Vintage yellow saucer by OtherSideofYesterday on Etsy, 4.75 in, $4
3. Cunningham & Picket china plate by CinfulOldies on Etsy, 5.75 in., $20 set of 4
4. Boehm Pheasant plate by Fifthquadrant on Etsy, 10.5 in., $18
5. Vintage aqua plate by WonderPlunder on Etsy, 9 in., $6
6. Aque and gray serving platter by jwaddel on Etsy, 11.5 in, $20
7. Oval platter with floral band by LoveNestDesign on Etsy, 11 in., $10


One response to “Spates of Plates

  1. Fabulous plates! I just LOVE it when things for the home are both functional and pretty.

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