In which Barclay escapes with his soul intact

Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged.  A few things have happened since my last post:

1. I got a dog named Barclay.

2. Not much else.

I have had Barclay for about six weeks.  He came from the Austin Humane Society, where he was originally named “Ringo.”  I chose him based on his laid back and friendly personality, ability to sit on command, and potty training skillz.  Since coming home with me he has really come out of his shell.  He is now an excellent kisser, he can sit and lay down on command, and he can walk really well in heel position on a leash.  He also loves it when I leave for work in the morning because that means it’s Kong time.  Barclay’s favorite Kong fillings are peanut butter, Fancy Feast, banana, and Bill Jac senior formula dog food.

I think perhaps his last family was Amish, because he is very frightened of my hairdryer, public transportation, and cameras.  It took about 16,387 shots to get the two moderately in-focus glamour shots you see above.  Here are some of the bloopers:

It has taken me about six weeks of working with Barclay to get him to pose for a photo. Lots of treats, no flash, and more treats are the secrets so far. That, and an 8 GB memory card.


2 responses to “In which Barclay escapes with his soul intact

  1. what a beautiful dog!! Why did you *have* to change the name from Ringo? That’s hilarious about him being afraid of everything. My cat was the same way when I got her as a kitten. She would stare at the T.V. in wonderment, and she was really also really afraid of the fan 😉

    Welcome to the world of owning your own dog! There are ups and downs, but overall, it’s worth it! I’ve had my dog since I graduated high school (almost 10 years)

    also, what’s Kong?

  2. Kong time! We also melt cheese in ours with some dog food. I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t enjoy cheese 🙂

    I had to laugh out loud thinking of him being owned by an Amish family and being SO camera shy. Howie practically falls all over himself to sit pretty once he sees the camera.

    Now, what did Barclay and Chloe get from Santa? The people need to know!

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