Skinny belt, check!!

Yo, yo, yo, bloggie.  I have been holed up in my house the last four days with horrible allergies.  Everyone who lives in Austin gets allergies sometimes, and this was my time for sure.  Typically I have some reaction to cedar, but nothing like this– hopefully The Great Boogerfest 2010 was just a fluke and not an omen of things to come.

Today I actually had some nostril functionality, so I spent a record 9 hours out of bed!  I did a little shopping at Barton Creek Mall, which now has a ginormous Forever 21.  (I guess that’s the last nail in Highland Mall’s coffin; will anyone even notice when that place closes for good?)  I also stopped by Anthropologie where they didn’t have any cute clothing.  I did find some awesome plates, however, and I have finally started my wall-of-plates with four cuties I bought at Anthro plus the birthday plate Rami bought me last year.  I have been mildly obsessed with the idea of a plate wall for about a year now, so getting some traction on that project is a major milestone.

Speaking of milestones, I completed one item from my 30×30 list today: I can now wear a belt OVER my clothes!  The Limited had a fantastic sale on at the mall: 40% off already reduced merchandise.  The sale inventory is pretty much down to the dregs, but I did find three cute shirts, plus a skinny black belt.  The belt is awesome because it is adjustable, so I can make it small and wear it OVER voluminous tops, or I can slide it larger and wear it like a typical belt at my pants waist.  I realize that I’m about three years behind the curve on this trend, but whatever, haters, at least I have dreams.

Plate wall pictures coming soon, whenever I clean off my dining room table.


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