Today was a good day. Rami and I spent the first Saturday of married life rather unglamorously: cleaning shit out of our respective apartments.  Between us, we cleared out about 8 bags of trash from our places. We threw away a lot of junk, highlights including

  • 2 silver Sharpie markers. (WTF?? It is hard to imagine a more useless Sharpie color than silver for general household use.)
  • 33 mismatched socks
  • a ham. It was in my freezer, and I do not remember when or where I got it. Yet I still felt guilty chucking it.

Not everything was trash-worthy. We took 2 pick-up truck loads of stuff to Goodwill, highlights including:

  • 6 padded barstools (How did these all fit in one apartment?)
  • A set of old luggage (I remember buying that whole set in college for a trip to Atlanta. Sniff.)
  • 3 trashbags full of old t-shirts. Holla, lingerie shower!!

On the whole, I find Goodwill-ing items much more rewarding than trashing items.  There is something cathartic about putting a bunch of shit into a truck and dumping it at Goodwill.  It feels good knowing that you won’t have to launder/dust/move/trip over any of that junk any more.

Peace out, bloggy. Sleepytime.


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