Farmers Market

So far, marriage feels like a big vacation. Rami and I have been car pooling to work since Beatrice (my car) is in the shop. Yesterday on the way home we saw Austin’s Farmers Market happening at the Triangle and spontaneously decided to stop and take a look. We limited ourselves to $7 (all spare change from R’s truck!) and 10 minutes and ended up with a pint of fresh blackberries, two small green bell peppers, and a head of leaf and spear kale.

Thanks to our impromptu market adventure, dinner last night was fab. I sauteed the diced bell peppers with a couple ears of fresh corn off the cob, added a little salt and pepper, and voila, dinner!  We also had some delicious venison meatloaf courtesy of my dad.  The blackberries were fantastic for dessert.  We could have snarfed the entire pint, but I saved half for dessert tonight.

We enjoyed the produce from the market so much that we discussed ordering a weekly bunch of produce from a local produce delivery service.  I think this is a great idea, but could we really eat that many veggies??  I have started researching the various options, and I have narrowed it down from several of the available services in Austin to these two:

Johnson’s Backyard Garden

  • $30 a week for 10 weeks, option of bi-weekly delivery. 8-12 different items each week.
  • 2 weeknight pick-up locations that are convenient to our home. Flexibility about which location/day you pick-up
  • Membership includes a newletter listing the contents of each week’s box.

Greenling Organic Delivery

  • $35 a week for the Local Box with no larger commitment. We can also add other groceries to our delivery, but they are expensive!
  • They will deliver to our door on Wednesdays at the time of day (morning, afternoon) that works for us.
  • Weekly newsletter lists the contents of each week’s box.

We’re going to go ahead and try Greenling’s delivery next week.  Here is what might be in the box:

In Local Boxes ($34.99) this week :

  • Yellow Potatoes – Home Sweet Farm
  • Mangos – G&S Groves
  • Kale – TX Natural
  • Carrots – Various
  • Blueberries – Naegelin
  • Tomatoes – Ringger
  • Green Beans – Various
  • Corn – Acadian
  • Peaches – Caskey
  • Cucumber – Acadian
  • Green Bell Peppers – My Father’s Farm

I am skeptical about whether we will actually be able to eat all the delicious summer food they bring to us, but maybe we can eat a little healthier and cut down on junk food purchases with the convenience of the delivery service. I’ll try to take pictures and keep up with blogging about this!


One response to “Farmers Market

  1. OMG This is so cool! Nathan and I’ve talked about joining the CSA at Green Gate Farms (local) but it’s a couple hundred upfront for the season. I understand why they do that, but for us, not as good of a fit since often we go days/weeks at a time without cooking food in. I love that this place still offers fresh, healthy produce at a price that’s not such a commitment. 🙂

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