Friday Favorites

So my friend Amy has a terrific blog where every Friday, she shares 5 of her favorite things.  I am blatantly stealing this idea for my own blog; thanks, Amy! Here goes:

1. “Real Love” by Regina Spektor.

Rami walked down the aisle at our wedding to this song.  And as if I needed another reason to love it, it is a cover of an obscure John Lennon tune.

2. Kale.

It is in season right now!!  Thanks to Allrecipes, I know that the secret to never-bitter kale is to remove that thick stalk from the leaf before chopping.  It’s true, I tried it last night and my kale was delicious to the last bite!  Rami and I are really hoping that there will be a bunch of Tuscan Kale (the kind pictured below) in our Greenling box next week.

3. Vampire Books

I declare this the summer of the vampire! It all started when I was stuck at the Des Moines airport for 9 hours earlier this month.  I bought Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton, and now I am hooked on Anita Blake. Given my previous obsession with Sookie, and the arrival of Dead in the Family this summer, I am racking up a lot of vamp reading!  Here are the ones I’ve finished so far this summer:

I plan to head to Half Price Books this weekend to pick up the next couple of Anita Blake Books.

4. Reupholstered vintage furniture.

Want. Want. Want.

5. Barclay!
I know it’s a cop out to use my own dog for Friday Favorites, but Barclay deserves a shout out for coping great with the move. He is opening up into such a sweet doggy!  Here he is waiting patiently for the internet instalation man to leave our house.

One response to “Friday Favorites

  1. Your Friday Favorites are wonderful! I’m so looking forward to seeing little lists from you every week here. Those chairs are so gorgeous, esp. that blue one!

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