Meal Plan 6/21-6/30

We got our Greenling Newsletter by email this weekend, and I am even more excited about the local box than I was before!  Here’s a list of what we’re going to get:

  • Red Potatoes – Various
  • Leeks – My Father’s Farm
  • Heirloom Tomatoes – Ringger
  • Blueberries – Berry Best
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Ringger
  • Green Cabbage – Various
  • Basil – Various
  • Peaches – Caskey
  • Pickling Cucumbers – Naegelin
  • Green Bell Peppers – My Father’s Farm

Our vegetables get delivered on Wednesday.  We are going to do our regular grocery shopping tomorrow (Sunday) and then try to get into a bi-weekly grocery routine. The only tricky thing so far is that I’m not sure how much of each item we will get in our box.  I made up a meal plan based on the produce above, the staples in our kitchen, and some venison meatloaf and sausage my dad gave us.  I had surprisingly good luck finding recipes that utilize the produce, that I could scale easily for two people. (Or that serve four and reheat well.)  Here’s the game plan for this coming week:

Monday: Leftover quiche, muffins
Tuesday: Sweet potato pancakes, soft cooked eggs
Wednesday: Kraft macaroni and cheese, baked breaded okra
Thursday: Venison meatloaf, Thai cucumber salad, Tipsy peaches
Friday: Venison sausage and cabbage pitas, sliced tomatoes with basil
Saturday: Salmon with caramelized leeks, roasted tomatoes with garlic
Sunday: Venison meatloaf, sliced tomatoes with basil, garlic red potatoes
Monday: Turkey sausage and cabbage pitas, sauteed bell peppers
Tuesday: Pita pizzas, leftovers, tipsy peaches

Snacks & breakfasts: cherry tomatoes, bell pepper slices, hummus, blueberries, popcorn, cheese sticks, yogurt, hard cooked eggs, toast with almond butter, cereal and milk


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