Meal Plan 7/1-7/7 (how the f**k is it July??)

This is a big week for us. Monday is Rami’s birthday, Friday is Independence Day, and Wednesday is our wedding MONTHIVERSARY!!  Still, it will be for the most part meals as usual, plus some birthday cake for dessert.

In the Greenling box this week:

  • Grape Tomatoes – Acadian
  • Butter Beans – Just Peach
  • Summer Squash – Gordan Taylor
  • Blueberries – Berry Best
  • Carrots – Acadian
  • Garlic – My Father’s Farm
  • Basil – Various
  • Watermelon or Cantaloupe – ABJ
  • Swiss Chard – Texas Naturals

I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a canteloupe, but Rami wants a watermelon. Either way we’re winners.  Here are the meals we’re gonna make.

Thursday: Basil shrimp, carrot rice, fruit, birthday cake
Friday: Toy Story 3 at Alamo Drafthouse, Cookout with family
Saturday: Death by garlic pasta with swiss chard, lemon basil carrots
Sunday: Salt and vinegar chicken, Skillet squash and potatoes
Monday: Death by garlic pasta with swiss chard, sauteed summer squash
Tuesday: Corn dog casserole, butter beans
Wednesday: Corn dog casserole, whatever leftovers we can scrounge up


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