Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July came and went in the Hutch-El-Farrison household without a lot of fanfare this year. Rami and I skipped the parades in the morning since I had to work. But we had planned ahead and made some delicious potato salad, corn salad, and peach ice cream topping the night before to take to a family cookout that night.  Besides all that, we had a delicious locally grown watermelon from the Greenling box!

At my sister’s house, we stuffed our faces with patriotic food and played Apples to Apples and Scene it! for four hours.

If you do not own Apples to Apples, you should go buy it right now.  It is my favorite game to play with friends because it’s not too competitive, it’s easy for everyone to play, and it is funny as hell.

You should also buy Scene it! if you don’t have it already.

Then you should invite me over to play with you. I love that game and I’m good at it.


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