Meal Plan 7/14-7/20

It has been a challenging week, in terms of using up all our delicious Greenling.  We had a lot of first-time-eats in our box, including hot chili peppers, a UFO-shaped squash, and an eggplant.  We didn’t end up using the chilis or eggplant, but I cooked the crap out of that squash.  It was my bitch.

Rami and I did eat out twice last week, both times Mexican food. We really enjoyed the cheese and spices; I’d like to cook more spicy food. Also, I would like to eat more cheese.  Here’s what we’re getting in the box this week:

  • Figs
  • Flat Leaf Parsley – Tecolote
  • Butternut Squash – Massey Farm
  • Cherry/Grape Tomatoes – Acadian
  • Speckled Lima Beans** – Just Peach Farm
  • Garlic Chives- Tecolote
  • Banana Peppers – Acadian
  • Cantaloupe or Blueberries – Orange Blossom or Berry Best
  • Peaches or Plums – Caskey or Massey
  • Curly Mustard – Texas Natural

Here’s what we’re going to make:

Wednesday: Grilled cheese and fig sandwiches, mustard green salad, strawberries
Thursday: Meatballs, roasted new potatoes with garlic chives, mustard green salad
Friday: Butternut squash mac and cheese, canteloupe
Saturday: Stuffed banana peppers, canteloupe
Sunday: Butternut squash mac and cheese, lima beans with parsley, plums
Monday: Stuffed banana peppers, plums
Tuesday: Butternut squash french toast, scrambled eggs, hash browns, fruit


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