10 Good Things

1. It is Labor Day!

2. I have the day off work.

3. My big to-dos are to (1) walk Barclay, (2) cook apple/leek soup, and (3) cook a new Turkish eggplant dish.

4. I already walked Barclay, so I’m 2/3 finished with my to-do list.

5. This leaves time for reflection.

6. Yesterday my friend Sarah hosted an adorable Hawaiian-themed party. I got to see a bunch of work buddies there, and we all drank “Brains Brains,”a delicious, boba tea style tropical beverage. (Recipe coming soon, if I can convince Jacob to share!)

7. I don’t really have any Luau-appropriate accessories in my closet, so I wore a fabulous fuschia sundress and these flowers in my hair.  I found the flowers in a bush outside my apartment and, luckily, I removed a big spider from them BEFORE I put them in my hair.

8. Check out my eyebrows in the picture. See how lustrous and full they look? For the past 2 months I have been exercising extreme restraint in my regular eyebrow tweezing routine so that my eyebrows will be thicker. I think it is working.

9. When I was 7 years old, my sister convinced me that it would be cool to shave off my left eyebrow with her Bic razor in the shower.

10. I did it.  My sister laughed. I tried to hide my bald eyebrow by refusing to cut my bangs for 6 months. When my mom found out, she cried.  My left eyebrow did not fully rejoin my face until 8th grade.


2 responses to “10 Good Things

  1. When I was in middle school I shaved half of my right eyebrow off to see whether razors actually worked. They did. I told kids at school that I was building a model, had a piece of duct tape in my hand, dropped something, hit my head on the desk, clapped my hand to my forehead, stuck the tape to my eyebrow, and then pulled it off.

    Does that sound like a plausible excuse…?

  2. Erik, this makes me laugh every time I read it. Your story > my story since it involves pretend duct tape.

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