Meal Plan 9/8-9-14

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and I’m stuck at work all day!  At least it is dry in my office!

Who knows what kind of impact this rain will have on our Greenling shipment this week.  I’m going to stay flexible and hope that all the delicate produce doesn’t get rained out!  Here’s what we’re getting:

  • Eggplant – Tecolote
  • Yellow Onions – Naegelin
  • Lady Cream Peas – Just Peachy Farm
  • Butternut Squash – Animal Farm
  • White Mushrooms – Kitchen Pride
  • Sweet Italian Peppers – Lundgren
  • Fresh Pick on Monday
  • Gala Apples – Bat Creek
  • Okra – Bradshaw
  • Arugula or Sorrel- Bluebonnet or Tecolote

Here’s what I’m making:

Wednesday: Pan seared tilapia with mushrooms on a bed of arugula
Thursday: Lady cream peas with bacon & peppers, skillet corn bread
Friday: Zucchini bread from last week, butternut apple harvest soup
Saturday: Football game! Pizza with sausage and sweet peppers, roasted okra
Sunday: Austin Restaurant Week!!!! (not sure where we’re gonna eat yet)
Monday: Eggplant parmesan, baked apples with cinnamon
Tuesday:  Spinach frittata made with leftover veggies, zucchini bread


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