Pesto Change-o!

Pesto being processed.

Image via Wikipedia

Last week I made two delicious batches of pesto, one with sorrel and another with basil.  After two pasta dinners I still have about 1.5 cups of pesto leftover. Luckily pesto is super versatile and it keeps forever! Here are some easy lunch ideas I had to use up the extra pesto.  I typically use about a tablespoon of pesto in a serving. Each recipe below serves one.

pesto + tomato + mozzarella + bread + skillet = grilled cheese

pesto + 1/4 c. vinegar + chicken breast = marinated chicken breast

pesto + 1 tb. red wine vinegar + ground pepper + lettuce = salad ala pesto

pesto + 1/4 cup yogurt + chopped veggies + cooked pasta = pesto pasta salad

pesto + pita + shredded cheese + tomato slices + oven = personal pesto pita pizza

pesto + 1/4 cup leftover cooked chicken, diced + mayo + chopped veg = pesto chicken salad


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