Meal plan 9/15-9/22

I am so excited about this week’s Local Box! We’re getting the perfect ingredients for chili, and I’ve really been wanting to try a new recipe.  Plus I get three second chances: pinto beans, baby squash, and radishes! We have received all three of these at least once over the past several weeks and I couldn’t figure out how to use them.  This week I am armed with several easy recipes and I am determined to make the most of these summer yummies.  Also, I am skewing the meals this week to include less sugar and more protein as a shout out to my buddy Amy.

Here’s what we’re getting in our local box:

  • Fresh Pinto Beans – Just Peach
  • Mixed Lettuce – Bluebonnet
  • Basil – Urban Roots
  • Radish – My Father’s Farm
  • Bell Peppers – Acadian
  • Sweet Potatoes – Naegelin
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Pedernales Valley
  • Jalapenos- not sure where from
  • Eggplant – Tecolote
  • Herb – Pure Luck
  • Baby Squash – Animal Farm

Here’s what we’re making:

Wednesday: Baked sweet potatoes, sauteed baby squash, Old fashioned wilted lettuce
Thursday: Thai Ground Chicken Basil on a bed of raw bean sprouts
Friday: Fresh pasta with basil pesto & roasted cherry tomatoes (high protein: sub baked chicken breast for the fresh pasta)
Saturday:  Easy Texas Chili (PERFECT TEXAS TAILGATE RECIPE!!!)
Sunday: Leftover chili
Monday: Radish Top Soup , steamed radishes
Tuesday: Whole crock pot chicken with herbs, Eggplants a la Dawlish


One response to “Meal plan 9/15-9/22

  1. Oooh, yummy goodness!
    For the first time, I made a special note to Greenling that if they had potatoes in the box this week, that we’d love it if they could made a substitution of any other veggie. Now I’m hoping that they don’t replace our sweet potatoes. 🙂

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