Pretty Birdies

Look what I spied at Anthropologie today:

Too bad I don’t make double crust pies. Except chicken pot pie.  Or an apple pie (once).  But really, the case for a pie bird is moot. I never make double crust pies because I always eat too much of the raw pie crust to make a top.

This little birdie would be much more useful in my kitchen! More likely I would keep him as a paperweight on my end table near the couch. Who drinks beer in the kitchen?

3 responses to “Pretty Birdies

  1. I love these! I’ve never successfully made a pie (key word= successfully) but at the same time, I have never let that reasoning stop me from buying something completely cute that I’ll never need from Anthro. Going into the homewares section (or any section of that store) is kind of dangerous.

  2. Amy, I tested your theory and found a similar pie bird for $2.50 on Ebay. No bottle opener birdies, though…

  3. oooh, I love the birdie bottle opener!

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