What to do with lentil sprouts

Yesterday on Facebook my sister called lentil sprouts hateful.  I don’t despise them that much, but they are one of the more difficult local box ingredients for me to embrace.  I have found three strategies that make them much more tolerable:

1. Steaming the lentil sprouts instead of eating them raw in recipes helps to prevent horrific digestive upset (husband’s primary issue)

2. Combining lentil sprouts with other chopped vegetables & lots of Mediterranean seasonings helps to hide the texture of the sprouts (my primary issue).  My favorite preparation so far is a combination of this Fattoush salad–substituting steamed lentil sprouts for the lettuce– and the chopped salad recipe demonstrated by this adorable couple:

3. Watching adorable animals eating lentil sprouts helps get me pumped up for some greens!!


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