Greenling’s Best of Austin Bash

Rami and I just got home from a great (long!) night at Greenling’s Best of Austin Bash at Hummingbird House in South Austin.  I made about 200 Rosemary Pesto Rolls for the occasion, and it was so much fun passing them out to all the new people I met.

My husband Rami took a few pictures of the event per my request.  This is me set up at the food table, giving out rosemary pesto rolls.  You can see I was right next to a huge platter of Brazos Valley Cheese.  It was so, so good.  I’m very proud of the fact that I only sampled three pieces of cheese, leaving plenty for other fans to eat.  On the left is my new friend Jenny.  She made some killer dessert bars with some nuts from College Station. (Not Aggies, actual pecan nuts. Tee hee hee.) (I almost exploded holding that joke in for the past 24 hours.)

The line for food at the bash was really, really long.  Imagine the people you see above times at least 30.  I brought about 200 rolls with me and served almost as many hungry Austinites.  By the time folks got a pesto roll, some of them had been waiting over an hour!

Here’s another picture of the line.  Also, let’s all take a minute to gawk at this gorgeous tent in the backyard of the Hummingbird House.  Big white tent that holds 200 people with a concrete floor=gawk.  Dreamy white sheer liner= gawk.  Built in twinkle lights & poll wraps=GAWK.  I had a tent wedding in Iowa that I decorated myself, and I have so much GAWK in my heart for pretty tent draping.  Also, Chiavari Chairs.

Here’s a shot of the grounds after dark.  The big tent in the picture above is in the far background.

This is a vanity shot.  Since I was serving pesto rolls from behind a table, most folks only saw me from the waist up.  That means they missed the adorable detail on the bottom of my shirt and my effective use of braided leather belt.  Gaze upon it now!

This is my basket of Rosemary Pesto Rolls.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you’ll check out the recipe here.

See you guys at the next soiree! I had so much fun last night, I already started planning my next recipe.  Hint: apples, brie, rosemary, butter.


5 responses to “Greenling’s Best of Austin Bash

  1. Make sure to check back with greenling! My husband an I went tonight and loved your rolls! They passed out the judging stickers after you had packed up but you were still getting stickers on your explanation sheet! The sweet guy next to you made sure everyone knew it was yours! We both gave you 2 of our 4 stickers and we weren’t the only! See if you won something! Good luck!!

    • Thanks, Amy and Ami! Ami, I actually won the recipe contest– I just heard from Greenling today. Thank you so much to you and your husband for voting for me! I’m actually planning to give away the local box I won via a blog giveaway this weekend. 🙂

  2. This looks amazing! Sad that we missed it AND your rosemary pesto rolls.

  3. Congrats! So happy to hear you won!!!

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