My Open Pantry

Internet, meet my pantry.

This hutch was a hand-me-down from my sister when we both moved earlier this year.  Since I cook so much at home, this is one of the most-used pieces of furniture in the whole apartment.  I store a lot of produce on the hutch, plus my collection of vintage glassware.  You may recognize that green cake plate and the pressed glass pieces from my wedding.

I purchased that green cake plate at an antique store in El Campo, Texas, and the other pressed glass pieces were thrifted here in Austin and in Pella, Iowa.  (You can see a whole album of our wedding pictures by clicking on either image above.)  Now those pieces are used almost every day when I’m cooking dinner.

I know it’s unconventional to store staples out in the open, but we use up our veggies really quickly and seeing all that yummy glassware and food together makes my heart happy.

Speaking of the heart, check out that footed glass trifle bowl in between the potatoes and the peppercorns.  It’s filled with glass alphabet beads that spell Rami’s and my last names, all jumbled together.  I bought those just a year after Rami and I started dating, fully intending to display them in our home together some day.  I hid them in my closet for more than 24 months before he proposed.  Sometimes you just know, I guess!


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