Meal Plan 10/13-10/19

This week’s local box is very mysterious.  It will have the first hard squash of the year inside, plus “mixed dark greens.”  I wonder what I’ll get.  Pumpkin? Delicata?? Butternut??? Acorn????  Kale? Collard?? Mustard??? Beet???? The suspense is killing me!

Not really. I’m mostly just excited to try some new recipes and sleep with the windows open in the nice fall weather we’ve been enjoying.  I’ll be giving away a Greenling Local Box on the blog a little later in the week, so I hope you’ll check back here to enter!

Here’s what we’re getting in the local box:

  • Golden or Red Delicious Apples – Apple Country
  • Hard Squash – Acadian
  • Okra – Bradshaw Farms
  • Herb – Pure Luck
  • Assorted Peppers – Lundgren
  • Arugula or Mixed Lettuce – Acadian
  • Mixed Dark Greens – My Father’s Farm
  • Green Shallots – Acadian
  • Cucumbers – Animal Farm

Here’s what I’m making this week:

Wednesday: Arugula/Lettuce salad with shaved apples, Apple Vinaigrettte Dressing, and Chili Lime Pumpkin Seeds
Thursday: Cucumber Soup with beer biscuits
Friday: Pizza dough topped with roasted squash and onions and goat cheese
Saturday: Creamy Polenta and Saute of Mixed Dark Greens
Sunday: Tofu Keema with okra instead of frozen peas
Monday: Coconut Curry Pumpkin soup, toast with roasted pepper relish & goat cheese
Tuesday: Leftovers night


2 responses to “Meal Plan 10/13-10/19

  1. The menu you have chosen for this week looks amazing. I checked out the links to some of these recipes and I am excited to try. I am pretty creative with pizza, but I love your idea of topping pizza dough with roasted squash, onions, and goat cheese. Also, I never know what to do with cucumber other than pickling or throwing a few slices on my eyes. I cannot wait to try cucumber soup!

  2. Hey, thanks, Shannon! You wouldn’t think it, but warm cucumber soup is delicious. I’m so glad you enjoyed browsing the recipes!

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