Greenling Local Box Giveaway

Congratulations to Shannon, winner of the Greenling Local Box! Shannon, please check your email for the prize.  Thanks, everyone, for the fun comments about Greenling and happy Monday! 🙂

Leave a comment here and subscribe to The Austin Gastronomist and you could win a Greenling Local Box of produce!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post by midnight, Sunday, October 17th. One comment entry per person, please!
  2. Subscribe to the blog using the “Sign me up!” button on the right-hand side of the page by midnight, Sunday, October 17th.

I’ll use to select one winner from the comments and subscriptions.  The winner will be notified via e-mail and announced here Monday morning by 9:00 AM.  More information about the Greenling Local Box and rules for this contest are available here.

Good luck, everyone, and have a delicious weekend!


9 responses to “Greenling Local Box Giveaway

  1. Hey! Love your blog and Greenling 🙂 I’m subscribed in reader… have a great weekend! – Jess

  2. Howard Wilson II

    Greenling is great. Sure, some people dislike the price…but the farmer’s market doesn’t deliver to your door. B-)

  3. Love Greenling. I can never make it to any of the parties cause I work nights and they always seem to hold them during the week. I don’t think the price is really that much different than what I would pay for organic produce at HEB or elsewhere. I have compared prices and most of the time they are pretty close. Local box is a hit and miss, sometimes I get it, sometimes not. I usually go with the thought that if we will use all but maybe 1 item, its worth it. Secret hint – if there is something you absolutely will not eat (cough – turnips!) if you make the comment, they will leave it out of your local box or substitute for you – they rock!

  4. Those boxes are great! Surprise of flavor and fun.

  5. I love farmers markets, but when I’m pressed for time (which happens fairly frequently) , I use Greenling – can’t beat the freshness & convenience! I just started reading your blog to – I can’t wait to try your recipes, they sound great!

  6. I love everything Greenling stands for. I am happy to see their business thriving which mens there is a demand for food that is locally supported, healthy for our bodies and for our environment. Hopefully this concept and practice will expand in other parts of the Country. On a side note, what a beautiful picture you have posted. I can just smell the Swiss Chard and all of those leafy greens now.

  7. Can I enter on behalf of Patrick? 🙂 I love reading all your recipes and seeing the neat things you make (and I love the pics of your family!) .

  8. I am entering as a gift for a friend back in Austin. As a vegetarian and someone who loves to support local enterprises and shop locally, this would be a perfect fit for her.

  9. You have some great recipes. I support Greenling and keeping people happy and healthy.

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