Meal Plan 10/13-10/19

There are only six weeks until Thanksgiving. Gulp.  Sigh. This will be Rami’s and my first married Thanksgiving, and we’re spending it together in Austin. Away from both of our extended families (and mommas!) in a tiny apartment kitchen.  I’m not sure exactly what I’d like to make for our first-ever-married-Thanksgiving, but it seems like I should start thinking about it.  I chose this week’s menu with the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hannukuh holidays in mind, so that I could start practicing a few potluck friendly recipes for those occasions. (I’m looking at you, Pot Pie and Sweet Potatoes and Squash!)

You’ll also notice that starting Saturday, I’m incorporating beer into every recipe in honor of Austin Beer Week!  I’m planning to do separate recipe posts for each of those days so that I can feature a different local craft beer on the blog every day next week. Luckily, the produce that is in season lends itself beautifully to the recipes I want to prepare.

Here’s what I’m getting from Greenling:

  • Green/Yellow Beans- Animal Farm
  • Hard Squash – Acadian
  • Okra – Bradshaw Farms
  • Crimini Mushrooms – Kitchen Pride
  • Assorted Peppers – Various
  • Broccoli Rabi – Simmons Family
  • Radishes – My Father’s Farm
  • Green Shallots – Acadian
  • Cucumbers – Animal Farm
  • Cilantro – My Father’s Farm
  • Sweet Potatoes – Naegelin

Wednesday: Thai Mushroom Soup (Mushroom Tom Yum), shredded cucumber
Thursday: Pizza with Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Onions
Friday: Green salad, sort of Sephardic Sweet Potatoes and Squash
Saturday: Vegetable Pot Pie modified with Cheddar Ale Biscuit Crust
Sunday: Chicken Beer Gumbo with rice
Monday: Hefeweisen Pancakes with apple compote (my own recipe– keep your fingers crossed!!)
Tuesday: Leftovers night!


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