Austin Beer Week

In just a few days it will be Austin Beer Week!  This year’s beer week runs October 24-30 and features tons of tastings, happy hours, and events celebrating craft beers made right here in Central Texas!

I’m planning a whole week of fun recipes using these locally brewed beers:From left to right:
Austin Amber, Independence Brewing Co. (Austin, TX)
Bootlegger Brown Ale, Independence Brewing Co.
Shiner Hefeweisen, Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, TX)
Real Ale Oktoberfest, Real Ale Brewing Co. (Blanco, TX)
Freestyle Wheat, Independence Brewing Co.
Fireman’s 4 Blonde Ale, Real Ale Brewing Co.
Oklahoma Suks Brand, Independence Brewing Co.

The Shiner’s not technically a craft beer, but it was the closest thing to a local Hefeweisen I could find bottled.

I bought all these single bottles, except the Oklahoma Sucks, at Hyde Park Market at the intersection of Duval and 45th in Central Austin. It’s the gas station in Hyde Park with all the flags, and an excellent resource if you’re looking for exotic beers or brew to cook with.

Hyde Park Market lets you “build your own six-pack” from 7 fridges full of different, single bottles of beer.  Obviously this is an ideal set up if you want to try lots of different beers without committing to a 6 bottles of each one.  When you walk in the gas station, to the right of the front door is a crate full of empty 6-pack and 4-pack holders.

Here are the locally brewed singles in the fridges.  I counted 6 types of Real Ale, 4 types of Independence Ale, and 10 types of Shiner.

I’ll blog my first beer recipe on Saturday.  It’s a pot pie that uses Fireman’s 4, plus locally grown mushrooms, potatoes, garlic, onions, and Hill County venison.  See you then!


One response to “Austin Beer Week

  1. I had no idea there was a place so near me where I could make my own six-pack. Thanks for telling me about it! I’m generally too lazy to go out of my way to get beer, but this place is so close I’ll have to check it out.

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