Meal Plan 10/27-11/2

It’s the last week of October and it’s 85 degrees outside. For real. Welcome to Texas, where we have simultaneous ragweed and cedar seasons.  The only upside to this autumn heat wave is the long season for delicious crops like okra and summer squash.  I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I get a rumbo squash in this week’s box.  Though I’ve never actually cooked with it, I read online that rumbo squash looks like a pumpkin, but its flesh is sweeter and less fibrous.  If I do get a rumbo squash, I’m planning to try to make a pudding with it.  Kind of like pumpkin pie filling, except healthier and awesomer.

Here’s what we’re getting from Greenling this week:

Granny Smith or Cameo Apples – Apple Country
Rumbo or Summer Squash- Acadian
Eggplant – Acadian
Arugula – Acadian
Mizuna – My Father’s Farm
Bibb Lettuce – Bella Verdi
Yellow Onion – Naegelin
Okra – Bradshaw
Sunchokes – Acadian
French Breakfast Radish – My Father’s Farm
Red Potatoes – Naegelin
Limes/Lemons – G&S

Here’s what I’m making.  Remember, it’s Austin Beer Week until Sunday, so I’m cooking with local brews every day until then and blogging the recipes.  Those dishes are marked in the menu below with an *asterisk; each one uses at least one local box ingredient plus pantry items.

Wednesday: Austin Ale Chili Pie* with roasted okra on the side (GO RANGERS!!!)
Thursday: Freestyle Wheat roasted chicken and potatoes*, Fennel, Sunchoke and Apple Salad, minus the Fennel, plus bibb lettuce
Friday: Leftover Chili Pie
Saturday: Oktoberfest vegetable pot pie with biscuit crust*
Sunday: Beer braised sausage, onions and arugula*, baked apples with cinnamon
Monday: Zucchini Soup made w/ mizuna instead of spinach, roasted eggplant with lemon
Tuesday: Leftover night!

3 responses to “Meal Plan 10/27-11/2

  1. greenling delivers to your home right? i’ve looked at csa’s in dallas and none seem as convenient. at least that i can find. i should prbly look again. you make cooking look so fun and easy! i think cooking more will have to be my new year’s resolution this year.

  2. Can’t wait to see pictures and recipes! That all sounds so wonderful.

  3. Kristin, I don’t know of any CSA’s in Dallas that are full-season week to week like Greenling. However, Dallas’ farmers market is kick ass. I bet you’d like taking pictures and people watching there just as much as shopping…

    Thanks, Hilah! I hope we get to meet in person some time. You inspire me to wear real clothes (not pajamas or my husband’s sweat pants) when I cook!

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