Ricotta Brulee from Asti Trattoria

The owners of Asti and Fino, some of my favorite restaurants in Austin, have given all of us an early holiday present!  Last week they published three recipes from the menus of Asti and Fino:

We were so lucky to enjoy the ricotta brulee on our Thanksgiving table this year.  My friend Nathan Russell made it according to Asti’s recipe, adding his own spiced cherry compote on top.  It was delicious! We joked during dinner that if cheesecake and creme brulee had a baby, it would taste just like Asti’s ricotta brulee. That joke didn’t last too long since eating babies is frowned upon in most circles.

In all seriousness, I can’t brag on this recipe or Nathan’s fantastic preparation enough.  Go check it out on Asti’s website, and consider adding it to your holiday party menu!


4 responses to “Ricotta Brulee from Asti Trattoria

  1. first off, I love food too and I love all your photos and recipes!! so exciting!! and you have amazing outfits too and the photoshoots are awesome, you are so creative!!!

    I’m excited to have found your blog and will be following eagerly!! I signed up for your emails!!

    (one suggestion, what about a link to rss feed so people can subscribe through ie. google reader?)

    cheers, Jodi

    • Hi, Jodi, and thanks for the comment! I believe there is an option to add my blog to google reader, but I can’t recall what button it is. Will research and get back to you.

  2. I’ll bet this ricotta brulee was to die for. I need to try the recipe…

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