Confituras Giveaway!

Congratulations, Whitney, winner of the Confituras sampler! Thanks to everyone who entered– it looks like all of you have very tasty meals ahead!

I wish I could get everyone who reads my blog a Christmas present, but I don’t know where all of you live. And if I did, that would be creepy. So. I’m giving away this sampler of Confituras jams to one lucky commenter on Tuesday, December 21st.

The package contains four, four-ounce jars of handmade jam sampling some of Stephanie‘s current flavors:

  • Salted Caramel Pear Butter
  • Fig & Walnut Conserve
  • Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly
  • Pear Jam with Fresh Sage & Honey

These jams are available at most all of the Austin farmer’s markets, through the Confituras website, and at a few other retailers around Austin. However, they’re selling out really fast with the holiday approaching.

To win the jams, leave a comment on this post telling me what you’re making for Christmas dinner. I’ll select one winner at random from all the comments on Tuesday morning, 12/21/10, and mail the jams to that person the same afternoon. Good luck, everyone. I can’t wait to hear about your holiday cooking plans!


13 responses to “Confituras Giveaway!

  1. i THINK i’m cooking salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and walnut brownies.

    those look soooo yummy! i hope i win!!! :]

  2. I’m going out to eat. B-)

  3. Christmas dinner will be ham since my father always insists upon it. My favorite meal is actually Christmas brunch where I will be making a puff pastry breakfast casserole and we will indulge in peach Bellinis while the kids open presents. 🙂 These look yummy and I wouldn’t be too freaked out if you showed up at my house. Hope your holidays are happy!

  4. I am not making anything! Because I will be at my in-laws’ in Arizona! Hooray!!

  5. yum! well it’s the boyfriend’s brother’s birthday that day so the only thing i’m making is room for lots of cake! muahaha. i should win for sheer hilarity.

  6. Making mini grilled cheeses with potato bread and asiago cheese for starters. Then turkey with oyster dressing, mashed yams with cardamom, lightly steamed green beans with toasted hazelnuts and fudge, lots and lots of fudge.

  7. I’m making romeritos, a Mexican Christmas dish.

  8. FUN! We eat tamales every year for Christmas, so I won’t be making anything.

  9. Well for *actual* Christmas, I’m going to my boyfriend’s family house for the first time (gasp!) so nothing. But for *early* Christmas, which I’m having with my family this Sunday, I’m in charge of making a salad and a pie…I’m thinking a craberry walnut goat cheese salad and a traditional apple pie 🙂

  10. We’re actually doing brunch this year due to juggling many families. So breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy (Confituras preserves would be great on the biscuits too), fruit salad, chocolate souffles and a yet-to-be-determined cocktail! Since my sister and I are both celiac the menu will be all gluten free.

  11. The plan is to have tamales Christmas Eve and stuffing, ham and, green beans and of course, pecan pie-traditional in every sense of the word. These jams sound yummy, I’ll look for them next time I’m at FM.

  12. Thank you for this posting. Checked out and was very impressed with their products. Just finished ordering a gift basket as a hostess gift and I can’t wait for the recipient to receive it. Much appreciated for the info! I would love to see Greenling carry Confituras products.

  13. Merry Christmas, Kathryn! I wanted to be at that baby shower so badly, so hearing about your unique theme and related goodies was the next best thing. For Christmas, we’re serving a buffet of artisan breads, ham and corned beef for sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, and desserts, including those butter cookies! Love your blog…..Love you! Aunt Lee

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