Meal Plan 12/29-1/4

Happy New Years’ Eve!  I’m way behind on my menu planning this week, mostly since I’m on vacation from work.  It’s amazing how easy it is to slip out of my routine when I’m not in the usual rhythm of the day job.  I am having a great break though, and getting a lot of work done on some special projects for the new year.

We got some gorgeous beets along with their greens in our Greenling Local Box this week.  I’m super excited to use those tonight to make a version of my roasted beet pizza with greens, using blue cheese instead of goat cheese.  That pizza was my most popular recipe of 2010, so it’s only fitting that I make it tonight in celebration of a great year.  Here’s what came in our Local Box this week, along with those beets:

  • Avocados – G&S Groves
  • Green Leaf Lettuce – Acadian
  • Sweet Potatoes – Various
  • Cabbage – My Father’s Farm
  • Onions – Naegelin
  • Mixed Superfood Greens – My Father’s Farm
  • Parsley – My Father’s Farm
  • Green Shallots – Green Gate

The avocados are long gone. We ate those with a little salt and pepper on their own. That’s the best way, I think. The rest of the veggies are being used as follows:

Friday: Roasted Beet and Bleu Cheese Pizza
Saturday: Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Roast, quinoa, lettuce salad
Sunday: Southern Style Braised Greens with Ham
Monday: Cabbage Soup with Mizuna Cheddar Muffins (sub mizuna for kale)
Tuesday: Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Chili Sauce and Parsley


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